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About us

About us


WA PTSD Foundation Ltd Research works with credible 3rd party organisations and stakeholders to facilitate research, disseminate peer review evidence based practices in consistent treatment.

It’s purpose is to advance health by undertaking any of the following activities:

  • Commission and support research into the contributing factors, incidence, detection, costs, management, recovery, treatment and the prevention of PTSD.
  • Provide training, development and support to medical and allied health professions, industry and other sectors of the community regarding the best practice for diagnosing, managing, assisting recovery, treating and preventing PTSD.
  • Engage in public advocacy to increase community awareness and understanding PTSD, increase help-seeking, promote prevention and early intervention strategies, reduce associated stigma and discrimination, positively influence individual and community behaviour, and improve outcomes for people, families and communities who may experience or be at risk of experiencing PTDS”.